New ships fishing guide:

DD: Minekaze: 2-1, 2-4, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4
DD: Laffey(Benson Class): 7-1 all nodes, 7-2 M
BB: Caio Duilio: 4-2 J, 4-3 H, 5-1 H, 5-5 F, H, G, I
BM: Gustav V: 6-3 J, 6-4, 7-1, 7-2 M
CAV: Gotland: 6-2 M, 6-3 J
————New ships after version 2.10.0————
CVL: Guadalcanal: 7-2 K, L, M
CL: Oakland: 7-2 K, L, M
DD: Cushing: 7-2 L
SS: U156: 7-2 K, M
BC: Haruna: 3-2 G, 3-3 K
BC: Courageous: 6-2 M
CL: Jintsu: 2-6 I, J, L
————New ships after version 3.0.0————
DD: Yoizuki: 3-1 I, 3-2 G, 4-2 C, F, H, I
CL: Naka: 2-5 All except A, 2-6 I, L
CV: Béarn: 6-2 M, 7-1 F, 7-2 D, K, L, M
————New ships after version 3.1.0————
CA: Tuscaloosa: 7-2

Normal Battles

Chapter I: Defending the Naval Base

  • 1-1: Sea near Naval Base/母港附近海域Go to Battles/1-1
  • 1-2: Sea near Northeast base/东北防线海域Go to Battles/1-2
  • 1-3: Sea near Incheon/仁州附近海域Go to Battles/1-3
  • 1-4: Abyss Incheon Base/深海仁州基地Go to Battles/1-4
  • 1-5: Sea near Ulaanbootar/乌兰巴托附近海域Go to Battles/1-5

Chapter II: Occupation of Fuso Sea

  • 2-1: Fuso West Sea/扶桑西部海域Go to Battles/2-1
  • 2-2: Fuso Southwest Sea/扶桑西南海域Go to Battles/2-2
  • 2-3: Fuso South Sea/扶桑南部海域Go to Battles/2-3
  • 2-4: Abyss Fuso Base/深海扶桑基地Go to Battles/2-4
  • 2-5: Abyss Outpose Core Area/深海前哨核心地区Go to Battles/2-5
  • 2-6: Abyss Outpose Northern Area/深海前哨北方地区Go to Battles/2-6

Chapter III: Advancing into Singa Strait

  • 3-1: South Sea of the Naval Base/母港南部海域Go to Battles/3-1
  • 3-2: Southeast Islands (1)/东南群岛(1)Go to Battles/3-2
  • 3-3: Southeast Islands (2)/东南群岛(2)Go to Battles/3-3
  • 3-4: Singa Strait/星洲海峡Go to Battles/3-4

Chapter IV: Opening Up New Lines at West

  • 4-1: Calladive East Sea/克拉代夫东部海域Go to Battles/4-1
  • 4-2: Calladive West Sea/克拉代夫西部海域Go to Battles/4-2
  • 4-3: Sea near Babel Mandeb/泪之扉附近海域Go to Battles/4-3
  • 4-4: Defense of Babel Mandeb/泪之扉防线Go to Battles/4-4

Chapter V: Battle of Mediterranean

  • 5-1: Sea near Cyprus/塞浦路斯附近海域Go to Battles/5-1
  • 5-2: Sea near Crete/克里特附近海域Go to Battles/5-2
  • 5-3: Sea near Malta/马耳他附近海域Go to Battles/5-3
  • 5-4: Sea near East Gibraltar/直布罗陀东部海域Go to Battles/5-4
  • 5-5: Gibraltar Fortress/直布罗陀要塞Go to Battles/5-5

Chapter VI: North Sea Storm

  • 6-1: South Lorient Sea/洛里昂南部海域Go to Battles/6-1
  • 6-2: English Channel/英吉利海峡Go to Battles/6-2
  • 6-3: Scapa Flow/斯卡帕湾Go to Battles/6-3
  • 6-4: Denmark Strait/丹麦海峡Go to Battles/6-4

Chapter VII: ???

  • 7-1: South Lorient Sea/洛里昂南部海域Go to Battles/7-1.
  • 7-2: Sea near Madeira/马德拉海域Go to Battles/7-2.

Seasonal Event Battles

Operation Fantasy Fleet Annihilation (Ⅰ:DEC14/Ⅱ:SEP15)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Seizing Air Supremacy Mitsubishi A7M
Ex-2 Expel Enemy BB Fleet SS: Albacore
Ex-3 Penetrating Torpedo Defense 4x61cm Oxygen Torpedo
Ex-4 The Final Battle CV: Taiho

Battle of Tartarus Archipelago (Ⅰ:FEB15/Ⅱ:OCT15)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Emergency Investigation Mission U-Country 16in Guns in triple mounts (MK6)
Ex-2 Clear Enemy Submarine Threats SS: Archerfish
Ex-3 Defeat Enemy New Battleships Damage Control Unit
Ex-4 Reclaim Southern Military Base CV: Shokaku

Battle Of Pasta (Ⅰ:May15/Ⅱ:FEB16)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Battle of Calabria F-Country 203mm Submarine Main Guns in twin mounts
Ex-2 Battle of Cape Bon SC: Surcouf
Ex-3 Battle of Matapan J-Country 41cm Guns in twin mounts
Ex-4 Sicily Landing BB: Vittorio Veneto

Battle of Middle Islands (DEC15)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Enemy Guard Fleet Annihilation J-Country 46cm Guns in triple mounts
Ex-2 Enemy Feign Fleet Annihilation DD: Arashi
Ex-3 Enemy Carriers Fleet Annihilation XTB2D
Ex-4 Enemy Main Fleet Annihilation CV: Yorktown
Ex-5 Enemy Flagships Fleet Annihilation CV: Enterprise

Operation Valkyrja (JUN16)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Battle of Vestfjorden Mousetrap Depth Charge
Ex-2 Atlantic Antisubmarine Battle ME-155
Ex-3 Rhine Exercise (Easy) BB: Queen Elizabeth
(Hard) Hedgehog Depth Charge
Ex-4 Stop Operation Cerberus Tallboy
Ex-5 Operation Tungsten (Easy) CV: Ark Royal
(Hard) New Avatar
Ex-6 Cod Wars AP (Supply Ship): Odinn

Southern Sea Base Defense (SEP16)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Defend ChangI Fortress Reward:Kyushu J7W (Shinden)
Ex-2 Defend Wake Island Reward:CVL Ryuujou
Ex-3 Battle of Coral Sea Reward:A-2 Savage
Ex-4 Defend the beachhead Reward:CA Baltimore

Operation Boom Shakalaka (DEC16)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Palawan Passage ambush battle HE-119
Ex-2 Battle of the Sibuyan Sea SS: Tang
Ex-3 The Battle of Cape Engano (Easy) F7F Tigercat
(Hard) Tiny Tim Rocket
Ex-4 The Battle of Surigao Strait (Easy) F2H Banshee
(Hard) pantsu x 10
Ex-5 The Battle of Samar (Easy) CV: Shinano
(Hard) New Avatar
Ex-6 Special Stage New Avatar

Fire Bulge Defensive Event (FEB17)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Defence of the North Sea Base CL: Murmansk (Omaha Class)
Ex-2 Defence of Trondheim Tu-91 Torpedo Bomber
Ex-3 Battle of the Fjords BB: Sovetsky Soyuz (Soviet Union)
Ex-4 Battle of the Ice Sea (HARD) PAT-52 Rocket Torpedo (Accesory)
Ex-5 Sneaking in the White Sea (HARD) Trophy * 30
Ex-6 Defence of the Hero City (HARD) Special Avatar

Challenge Sea of Dreadnoughts Event (MAY17)

Chapter Reward
Ex-1 Battle of Oslofjord German 3x203mm Guns
Ex-2 Battle of the Barents Sea CL: Nürnberg
Ex-3 Battle of the North Cape Torp Bomber Firebrand
Ex-4 Base Defensive Battle BB: Hindenburg
Ex-5 Forward Post Ambush Battle (HARD) Improved High Pressure Boiler
Ex-6 Enemy Fleet Ambush Battle (HARD) Precious Furniture Crate x 3
Ex-7 The Final Stand (HARD) Special Avatar
Ex-3.5 (Ex Stage) Akula Persuit Precious Furniture Crate x 2

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