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4-1: Calladive East Sea


Resource Point Rare Drops
G, H (Fuel + 65) Admiral Graf Spee, Fantasque

4-2: Calladive West Sea


Resource Point Rare Drops
None Chao Ho, Admiral Graf Spee
POW, Akagi, Fantasque, Caio Duilio

4-3: Sea near Babel Mandeb


Resource Point Rare Drops
D (Bauxite + 45) Ying Swei, Admiral Scheer
Admiral Graf Spee, Fantasque
Kaga, POW, Caio Duilio

4-4: Defense of Babel Mandeb


Resource Point Rare Drops
J (Fuel + 80) Admiral Scheer, Deutschland
Admiral Graf Spee, Ninghai, Pinghai
Kaga, POW, Akagi, Fantasque
F, G (Ammo - 80)

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