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6-1: South Lorient Sea


Resource Point Rare Drops
J (Fuel + 100) Emerald, Enterprise (D52), Legion
Venus, Colossus
U47, Admiral Graf Spee
Andrea Doria
L (Fuel - 100)

6-2: English Channel


Resource Point Rare Drops
None Emerald, Enterprise (D52), Legion
Venus, Royal Oak, Unicorn
Admiral Scheer, Courageous, Gotland
Antonio da Noli, U47, Saumarez
Bismarck, Andrea Doria,

6-3: Scapa Flow


Resource Point Rare Drops
I (Ammo + 100) Royal Oak, Colossus, Glorious, Ardent, Acasta, Gotland
Warspite, Scharnhorst, Admiral Graf Spee
Ugolino Vivaldi, Gustav V, U81
Akagi, Fantasque
G (Ammo - 100)

6-4: Denmark Strait


Resource Point Rare Drops
J (Ammo + 100) Unicorn, Glorious, Ardent, Acasta, Suffolk, Deutschland, Admiral Scheer
Admiral Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, Ugolino Vivaldi
Antonio da Noli, Gustav V, U81
Bismarck, Andrea Doria, Fantasque, Akagi

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