Hyuga is a battleship based on Japanese battleship Hyūga (Japanese: 日向).


Hyuga was the second ship of Ise-Class. She experienced an extensive refit in 1930s. In 1943, she was remodeled to a battleship/aircraft carrier with Ise. In the process of remodeled, they were mounted many AA-guns and unique rocket guns. In Battle of Cape Engaño, Ise and Hyuga showed great anti-air power which helped them to escape. In 1945, she and Ise started Operation Kita which intended to transport military supplies to homeland, and became the anti-air platforms in port of Kure. Finally, she was hit and sank in shallow water. Japan was soon defeated.[1]


Named after Hyūga Province corresponding to the modern Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.


Hyuga C
Type BB Birthday 27 January
No. 5

Hyuga C

Hyuga CD

Rarity 3 Nationality J-Country
Class Ise Class Illustrator Flaurel
Attributes Construction/Acquiring
Icon-HP 74 Icon-firepower 74/94 4:30:00/Drop
Icon-aircraft 12 Icon-armor 62/82 Equipment
Icon-torpedo 0 Icon-luck 15 3 J-Country 35.6cm Guns in twin mountsJ-Country 35.6cm Guns in twin mounts
Icon-evasion 22/42 Icon-AA 28/58 3 J-Country 15.2cm GunJ-Country 15.2cm Gun
Icon-range Long Icon-recon 10/35 3  
Icon-AS 0 Icon-speed 24.5 3  
More attributes
Disassembling 50/60/60/0
Enhancement 74/0/62/14
Consumption 85/120



Hyuga D


Hyuga M1C
Type BBV Birthday 27 January
No. 1005

Hyuga M1C

Hyuga M1CD

Rarity 4 Nationality J-Country
Class Ise Class Illustrator Flaurel
Hyuga M1
Attributes Construction/Acquiring
Icon-HP 79 Icon-firepower 64/84 Remodel
Icon-aircraft 24 Icon-armor 67/87 Equipment
Icon-torpedo 0 Icon-luck 15 0 J-Country 35.6cm Guns in twin mountsJ-Country 35.6cm Guns in twin mounts
Icon-evasion 26/49 Icon-AA 43/73 0 AA Rocket LauncherAA Rocket Launcher
Icon-range Long Icon-recon 20/45 12 Aichi E16AAichi E16A
Icon-AS 0 Icon-speed 24.5 12  
More attributes
Disassembling 50/60/60/10
Enhancement 32/0/67/50
Consumption 85/120

Hyuga M1


Hyuga M1D


Skill: Air Fleet Expulsion T




Aerial Combat phase
Range Enemy carriers
Effect Lv1 Decreases the hit chance of opponent's torpedo bombers by 10%.
Lv2 Decreases the hit chance of opponent's torpedo bombers by 15%.
Lv3 Decreases the hit chance of opponent's torpedo bombers by 20%.

Acquiring Info

Construction Time 4:30:00
Minimum Resource Receipt 400/30/600/30
Upper Limit

Normal chapters
1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7-
1 X
2 X X X
3 X X X X
4 X X X X X
5 N/A X N/A X N/A

Level 20
Consumption 0/100/900/400
Cores Carrier cores x 4


Event Quote

Super-dreadnoughts Hyuga at your service, Admiral!



Event Quote





  • In illustration, a tall bridge can be seen on Hyuga's equipment.
  • Hyuga wears the same clothes because she is also one of the warships of Ise Class.

More Info

  1. Japanese battleship Hyūga
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