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  • Okay I find it really fucked up you blocked me with no warning just because I was saying my own opinion of its story, its called the First Amendment.

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    TheRealG3rMan closed this thread because:
    Irrelevant to this wiki and situation is resolved.
    08:31, May 18, 2016
    • The 1 day ban is a short warning, and also, you spammed the same comment twice on two different pages. You also uploaded an inappropriate file. There was no way that comment would breed any kind of constructive discussion, and it was sure to spark conflict with folks who take offense and feel the opposite. You could very well express your dislike of the story without the language or the imagery used.

      I will lift the block if you agree to avoid using that kind of inappopriate language in the future.

      Also, Wikipedia is an international website so claiming 'First Amendment' doesn't mean much when such a thing is unrecognized by other countries. 

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    • Whatever I just voicing my opinion about Muv-Luv because I HATE the storys with a passion.

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    • Well that is unfortunate but making those posts was not in the best interests of good discussion and as such were moderated. No game or story out there is going to appeal to everyone but you don't have to use such harsh language to illustrate your point.

      If you want to make a comment that goes into detail what about the stories or the games you dislike then that would be fine, as long as inappropriate language and imagery are not used.

      I will lift your ban and close this thread now, but be aware that future inappropriate posts will be similarly moderated.

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