Ship Birthday Builder
Tirpitz small 1st Apr Kriegsmarinewerft
Sullivans small 4th Apr Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation
Chokai small 5th Apr Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard
Taiho small 7th Apr Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard
Saratoga small New York Shipbuilding Corporation
Kako small 10th Apr Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation 
New Orleans small 12th Apr New York Navy Yard
Gyatt small 15th Apr The Federal Shipbuilding
Z31 small DeSchiMAG
Akagi small 22nd Apr Kure Naval Arsenal
Pensacola small 25th Apr New York Navy Yard
Tennessee small 30th Apr New York Naval Shipyard
Reshitelny small Black Sea Shipyard

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