Ship Birthday Builder
Suzutsuki small 4th Mar Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipyard
Renown small Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering
Yubari small 5th Mar Sasebo Naval Arsenal
Arethusa small 6th Mar Chatham Dockyard
Braine small 7th Mar Bath Iron Works
Z24 small AG Weser
Tenryu small 11th Mar Yokosuka Naval Arsenal
De Ruyter small ???
Fantasque small 15th Mar Arsenal de Lorient
Kent small 16th Mar Chatham Dockyard
Belfast small 17th Mar Harland and Wolff shipyard
Shirayuki small 20th Mar Yokohama Shipyard
Vauquelin small Newport News Shipbuilding
Maryland small Ateliers et Chantiers de France
Z16 small 21st Mar Blohm & Voss
Colorado small 22nd Mar New York Shipbuilding Corporation
Oklahoma small 23rd Mar New York Shipbuilding Corporation
Königsberg small 26th Mar Kriegsmarinewerft
Goeben small 28th Mar Blohm & Voss
Fuso small Kure Naval Arsenal
Andrea Doria small 30th Mar La Spezia Navy Yard
Edinburgh small 31st Mar Swan Hunter
Abercrombie small Vickers-Armstrongs

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