Ship Birthday Builder
Yamashiro small 3rd Nov Yokosuka Naval Arsenal
Maya small 8th Nov Kawasaki Shipyards
Guam small 12th Nov New York Ship
Ise small Kawasaki Shipbulding
Yat Sen small Kiangnan Dock
Fubuki small 15th Nov Maizuru Naval Arsenal
Wichita small 16th Nov Fore River Shipyard
Kaga small 17th Nov Kawasaki Shipbulding
Royal Oak small Devonport Royal Dockyard
West Virginia small 19th Nov Newport News Shipbuilding
Saumarez small 20th Nov Mare Island Naval Shipyard
California small Hawthorn Leslie
Laffey small 21st Nov Bath Iron Works
Zuikaku small 27th Nov Kawasaki Shipbulding
Brooklyn small 30 September New York Navy Yard
Vanguard small John Brown and Company

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