Ship Birthday Builder
Lexington small 3rd Oct Fore River Shipyard 
Ayanami small 5th Oct Fujinagata Shipyards
Ninghai small 10th Oct Harima Shipyards
Penelope small 15th Oct Harland & Wolff
Princeton small 18th Oct Cherbourg Naval Base
Surcouf small New York Ship
Ikazuchi small 22nd Oct Uraga Dock Company
Chao Ho small 23rd Oct Armstrong Whitworth
Kinugasa small 24th Oct Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Juneau small 25th Oct Federal Shipbuilding
Jackal small John Brown & Company
Kuroshio small 28th Oct Fujinagata Shipyards
Isuzu small 29th Oct Uraga Dock Company
U47 small Germaniawerft

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