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    This page is created to keep a list of pages in need of an update to be on par with the Chinese WSGR wiki (舰娘图鉴 [1]). Even though users can access the Chinese wiki instead of the English wiki, load times for the site are long and sometimes unavailable - and the fact that not everyone can read Chinese.

    Feel free to help out with any of the pages required for updating below.

    Update required:

    Warship Girls Kai stats and image

    - Akagi Kai [No.22 / 1022]

    - Hatsuyuki Kai [No.66 / 1066]

    - Tennessee Kai [No.106 / 1106]

    - Maryland Kai [No.109 / 1109]     IN PROGRESS

       - Chibi image normal/damaged
       - Full illustration normal/damaged
       - Yellow text on Advanced Fire-Control Radar
       - Skills (Aggressive Mary & BIG SEVEN)

    - Richelieu Kai [No.113 / 1113]

    - Taiho Kai [No.117 / 1117]

    - Bouge Kai [No.123 / 1123]

    - Chaser Kai [No.124 / 1124]

    'List of Warship Girls' page data entry missing

    - Vernity Chibi image

    - Königsberg Kai

    - Karlsruhe Kai

    - Köln Kai

    - Fletcher Kai

    - Gearing Kai

    - Abercrombie Kai

    - Reshitelny Kai / ChangChun

    - Colorado Kai

    - Maryland Kai

    - Richelieu Kai

    - Taiho Kai

    - Bouge Kai

    - Chaser Kai

    'Modification' skills page

    - Maryland


      Adding a link in the 'Construction' page to link to the 'List of Warship Girls' page

    And much much more...

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